InfoPath to K2 smartforms migration


InfoPath to K2 smartforms migration

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The attached document provides high-level guidelines to migrate from an existing InfoPath centric K2 application to a K2 smartforms based form technology.

The document assumes that the reader is familiar with InfoPath and how it integrates into K2 blackpearl process definitions, as well as experienced with K2 smartforms and SmartObject technologies.  The target audience is anyone tasked with determining an approach on how to move from InfoPath based forms to K2 smartforms. 

Note: If you do not possess the appropriate level of K2 experience and/or need assistance in planning and implementing your K2 smartforms solution, please contact your local K2 Consulting Services in order to understand what K2 product training and engagement offerings are available to assist with your needs.

There is no ability to directly convert an InfoPath form to K2 smartforms, the document focuses on the steps involved in the migration of an InfoPath application to SmartForms:
  1. Create SmartObject data-model to represent InfoPath data-sources.
  2. Design Views and Forms to represent the new user-interface.
  3. Build a new process definition (workflow) to use the SmartObjects and Forms generated by step 1 and 2.
Download the full guide with the detailed steps from the right-hand menu.


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