How to save versions of O365 Nintex Workflows and Forms


Due to there being no versioning for Nintex Workflows for O365 as there is with Nintex for SharePoint on-premise Workflows can not be restored to a previous version.

Versioning is available for Nintex Forms for O365.



When you want to save a version of a Workflow either save or publish the workflow.

From the Workflow designer export the workflow and save it to a location and name the file appropriately

When you need to revert to the older version of the Workflow open the Nintex Workflow designer and import the Workflow.

Versioning for Nintex forms for O365 is automatically switched on.
To restore a Form navigate to https://<TenantName>/Site/NintexForms

Find the form that needs to be restored to a previous version and right click on it or click on the ellipse.  Navigate to Version History.  A dialog will appear with the previous versions.  Select the appropriate version and this will now be the published form.


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