How to default date format on K2 worklist control

How to set default date format on K2 worklist control

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This Knowledge Base article describes how to set a default date format for the 'Task Start Date' column on the K2 worklist control.

Before You Begin

Currently, it is not possible to change the 'Task Start Date' date format in the worklist control on Design time. The format is then dependant on the following:

1. Individual user's date and time settings

2. Browser’s language settings

Here is an example of how the dates may differ on the respective browsers.

On IE browser, the date format is shown as dd/mm/yyyy.

On Chrome browser, the date format is shown as mm/dd/yyyy.

If you would like to change the date format on the worklist control so that it is standardized across all clients' browsers, please follow these steps:

How-to Steps

  1. Open the web.config (located by default in [Program Files (x86)]\K2 Blackpearl\K2 SmartForms Runtime).

2. Edit globalization variable

Please do remember to make a backup copy of the necessary files and folders before making any changes.

    From : <globalization culture="auto" uiCulture="auto" />  



    To : <globalization culture="[Language Culture]" uiCulture="[Language Culture]" />

3. Reset IIS

Reference Language Culture:-

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