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How do I reset my password for Nintex Customer Portal?


KB#00105 Global - Nintex Customer Portal - How do I reset my password for Nintex Customer Portal?

This Knowledgebase article will take you to the process of resetting your password for Nintex Customer Portal. This KB is applicable only to existing accounts. If your 1Nintex Account or 2Nintex Contact is "Inactive", you will not be able to access Nintex Customer Portal. If this is the situation you will need to get in contact with your  3Nintex Customer Portal Administrator (administrator permissions) or to your 4Nintex Contact Owner (Sales Representative).

1Nintex Account = Your Company

2Nintex Contact = Your Email attached to Nintex Account (Your Company)

3Nintex Customer Portal Administrator = This is a person from your company with Administrator permissions on Nintex Customer Portal.

4Nintex Contact Owner = This is your Company Sales Representative from Nintex, if you do not know how this person is you can ask your colleges or ask our Nintex Sales Team at

1. Open a browser (IE11, Google Chrome or Firefox) and navigate to

From the home page click on the orange URL "Don't remember your password?" just below the "Sign In" button.

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2. Enter the email address that you want to reset in the empty field then click on the "Send email" button. You will receive an email to reset your password.User-added image

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3. You will receive an email from Nintex <> that will contain an URL "Please confirm this was you.". You will click on that URL in order to reset your password.

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4. A browser will open and it will prompt you to reset your password.

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Set a new password and hit the orange button.

  • If you are not getting this email please make sure that your email is able to receive external emails. Check your Spam or Junk folder on your mailbox.
  • If you have the option to view your mailbox from Webmail tray to open your mailbox from Webmail.
  • If you have a spam filter set on your mailbox try to check your filter to see if is retaining the mail form Nintex <> with the Subject "Password change request".

If you are unable to follow this article, please contact Nintex Support at and we will advise you further.





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