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Drawloop - Salesforce Mailing/Billing Addresses


Salesforce Mailing/Billing Addresses: These standard fields in Salesforce are known as cluster fields, multiple fields inside of one.


2021-06-07 10_46_42-Lionel Richie _ Salesforce.png


2021-06-07 10_47_03-Lionel Richie _ Salesforce.png

The Drawloop output of these fields are not displayed as they are seen in Salesforce. 


Using the standard Salesforce address field the output document will have all the information on one line, this is expected behavior. This includes any additional information such as a PO#, Suite#, C/O instructions, etc. 


Calderon_Doc_1-1623794061403.pngTemplate Sample
Calderon_Doc_0-1623794006069.png Output Sample



We suggest creating a Rich Text Field in Salesforce for this specific use. This will allow you to enter the address information as needed and we will display the output as expected.


2021-06-07 10_47_38-Lionel Richie _ Salesforce.png
Calderon_Doc_2-1623794172909.pngTemplate SampleCalderon_Doc_3-1623794218317.png Output Sample

Additional Information


At this time Drawloop DocGen does not support this unique field type. We encourage you to make a feature request via our User Voice page.



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