Drawloop - Creating a custom link to run Document Package from the Salesforce Home page in Classic And Lightning


How to create a custom link to run Document Package on the Home tab inside of Salesforce in Classic and separate steps for doing so in Lightning



In Classic
  1. Ensure "Custom Links" is on your Home Page Layout. To do so:
    1. Setup
    2. Type "Home" in Quick find box
    3. Select "Home Page Layouts"
    4. Find the Page Layout you are using and ensure it's on the page layout
  2. Add a custom link
    1. Setup
    2. Type "Home" in Quick Find box
    3. Select "Home Page Components"
    4. Select "Edit" next to Custom Links
    5. Add the name of your link in the Bookmark field. This is how the link will appear on the Home Page
    6. Directly across, add your URL. You can either add the entire URL or URL section that mimics a button. It could either look like
    7. Save
In Lightning
  1. Be in Lightning
  2. Navigate to Home Tab
  3. Select the Gear Icon on the top right of your page
  4. Edit Page
  5. Find the Rich Text Component under Standard
  6. Drag this onto the page into an existing section
  7. Once on the layout, remain in the Edit page view. Click inside Rich Text section you just added
  8. The Rich Text Properties will appear on the right hand side of your page
  9. Type the desired name of your link in the Rich Text area
  10. Highlight the text and select the Link Button
  11. Paste your entire Lightning domain URL in the URL box. Exclude http://
  12. Append "/apex/loop__looplus?eid=InsertSFRecordId" to the end of the base my domain URL 
  13. Use button parameters to customize your button. See linked documentation above for ideas
Add a Button on Lightning Home Page, primarily used when your Document Package pulls in a Salesforce Report
  1. Setup
  2. Visualforce pages
  3. New
  4. Add a Label and Name (really whatever you'd like to name it)
  5. Check "Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app
  6. On Visualforce Markup tab, in the body, paste this code:
<apex:page >
<apex:slds />
<div class="slds-scope">
<a href="https://mysalesforcedomain.com/apex/loop__looplus?eid=InsertSFRecordId&InsertotherParametershere" class="slds-button slds-button_brand">Create Report</a>
  1. Save
  2. Navigate to Home page (In Lightning)
  3. Select the Gear in the Top Right
  4. Edit Page
  5. On the Left, under "Standard" components, select "Visualforce". Drag this onto your page. 
  6. Once it's on the page, select inside that newly added section. Information on this section will popup on the right side of your page.
  7. Label - Whatever you'd like
  8. Visualforce Page Name - Find and select the visualforce page you created above
  9. Save
  10. If you go back to the Home page, you'll see the newly add section with a button call "Create Report". This is what you'll want.



Additional Information

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**The solutions provided in this article are not technically supported. These are intended to be ideas to get customers going in the right direction. Official product support is on the road map.


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