DocuSign Recipient Types

What are the different recipient types for DocuSign?


If the signer of the agreement is unknown, it can be sent to the agent. The agent can then route the agreement to the appropriate signer. Second recipient will need to be blank.


Configuration: The first recipient will be the Agent. They should have a Signing Order of 1 and no Recipient #. The second recipient will be the Signer. They should have a Signing Order of 2 and a Recipient # of 1. Required cannot be checked off for Signer since we do not know who the Signer is yet.

Certified Delivery

Recipient receives a copy of the agreement.  They do not need to sign the agreement but they do need to view the agreement in order for the envelope to be completed.

In Person Signer

You set a Host who receives the agreement via email. The host opens the agreement and hands the device to the Signer who then signs the document. The Signer hands the device back to the Host and the Host enters their DocuSign credentials and the envelop is completed.

Embedded Signer (Routed via LOOPlus)

When you run DDP and click "Send to DocuSign" you will immediately be pushed to the agreement for signature. 
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