Configuring Mass Report DDP

How to configure MASS Report DDPs.
Note: This feature can use multiple Salesforce reports; One for Recipients, and multiple others for data.
  1. Create a report of the desired recipients of the mass report. Ensure that the first column of this report is the record ID (Contact, Lead, User). As long as the first column is the record ID, the columns afterwards can be any fields and in any order.
  2. Put the recipient report in the Mass Recipient Report field.
  3. If using the SF Report DDP Feature, the columns from the Mass Recipient Report (MRR) are available for use as filters for the SF Report being used to fill data. In the Filter section for SF Report to DDP, refer to the Mass Recipient Report columns as !param# (where # is the column number, starting at 0). For example, pv0=!param3 would use the 4th column in the MRR.


Using the Mass Report DDP feature, we are able to utilize both the Mass LOOP and the Report DDP features together. This allows for the generation and delivery of many unique documents (Mass LOOP), delivered on a scheduled recurring basis (Report DDP). This feature uses a Recipient Report, which is Salesforce report which should includes as the first column the Id of the contact you'd like to send to. The Report DDP will then run once for each of the recipients on the Recipient Report.
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