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Occasionally, a user will leave the organization whom has developed various views, forms, and workflows. When this happens, users may no longer have access to edit those assets as they may be checked out or belong to that user. There is a script available that can be used to change the ownership of the artifacts and discard any unfinished changes to views and forms. 


If asset ownership needs to be changed, please log a support case and provide the FQN for the user who has left as well as the FQN for the user taking ownership of the artifacts.


If there are any views or forms that you would like to force check in as to not lose changes, follow the instructions of the 'Force Check In of a view or form ' section of this KB for those specific assets and then execute the script above to cancel any remaining checked out artifacts (Cloud users will need to request this change via support ticket).


This script discards all changes on views and forms that are checked out by the departed user that have not been deployed to runtime! Exercise caution while executing the script to avoid losing any changes you may want to keep.



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