404 appears when creating New Item in SharePoint


404 appears clicking on 'New Item' in SharePoint

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This occurs when creating a new form and setting the App to use the new form as "New" form. An incorrect URL is generated when trying to create a new SharePoint list item. A 404 error appears on the page. 


The URL seems to be missing the Host Name of the URL (ex. https://K2.denallix.com)


A 404 error appears when clicking New Item in SharePoint. The same issue occurs with the Display and Edit forms in K2 Smartforms.

Troubleshooting Steps

Complete the following steps: 
  • Check the URL that it redirects to. Make sure this has a full URL for the TargetURL parameter.
    • https://portal.denallix.com/K2Pages/NewForm.aspx?targetUrl=https%3a%2f%2fk2.denallix.com

    • Notice how the above URL has a Host name in the Target URL, this is correct. If you only have Form/[FormName] then you will need to check the K2 Settings List.
  • Also check the Integration.ProcessSharePointSetting table in the Database to see what the Target URL for the form looks like. 
  • Check the hidden K2 Setting List ([SharepointURL]/lists/K2 Settings). Make sure that the Smartforms Runtime URL is set to the correct Environment Field.
    • If this was incorrect, simply set it to the correct environment field/URL and re-activate the site. This will bring in the correct New Item Form.
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