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Setting a Template Form for Nintex Forms


How can you set a template form for all of Nintex Forms?


To set a Nintex Form you have created, as a template across your SharePoint farm, you will need access to Central Administration. 



Nintex Forms Designer

Open the Nintex Form designer in any list or library and create the form you wish to use as the template throughout the SharePoint farm. By default, the “Desktop” layout is the only one selected. If you wish your design to be unified for all device types, you will need to apply it to all of the existing device types.


It is easier to make a modified version for all the device types available in advance, otherwise every time a user wants to use a different device, they will need to resize or reformat the “Desktop” version of the template.


Add a new layout by clicking the device icon with a ‘plus’ symbol on it.  The next in line in the ribbon is the “SmartPhone” layout, so try adding that one first.  Your new design will be transposed to the new layout. However, due to the difference in dimensions, you may need to modify some of the design elements, including resizing images, to ensure the design has the desired look and feel.


Once you have created a layout for each device type, click on the Export button in the Ribbon.


Save the form somewhere on your computer and take note where the form is saved. This exported form will now be used in Central Administration to replace the default layouts.


Central Administration

Open SharePoint Central Administration and click on Nintex Forms Management and then Manage Device Layouts.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and locate the Templates section. Click on Browse.


Navigate to where you saved the form, and click Open. Now click Upload.


The form will now be uploaded and available when you open a new form within Nintex Forms.


Things to take note of:

  1. When you replace the Template file with your own template, it will override the default form templates, including any of the device layouts associated with the templates. To revert back to the default form template, you will need to follow the steps above and upload the default template file. The Nintex Forms 2013 and Nintex Forms 2010 default form files are attached to this article 
  2. When a new template is uploaded, it will only be applicable to the devices you have created a template for in the export file. I.e. if you create a desktop version for a form, and import that file as the template, the only device available with that template will be desktop.
  3. Workflow Task Forms - The styling of a new form template will be applied to Workflow task forms, however, the controls/layout of the form (e.g. flexi task/ request approval workflow task forms) won't be affected by any template changes.
  4. When adding a new form template, it will only apply to any new forms designed. Any existing forms will not reflect the new template change. To use the imported template on a previously existing form, open the Nintex Forms designer, and click the reset button. Note: If you reset the template on a form, this will also reset all controls on the form, so you will need to re-design the form.

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