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ServiceMax - Creating Big Blue Button

How to create a Big Blue Button in ServiceMax

*Parameters are set for auto-running DDP

  1. Go to ServiceMax Setup
  2. Click Service Flow Manager
  3. Click SFM Custom Actions
  4. Click GO
  5. Select the object you will be running from
  6. Under "User-defined Custom Actions" select New
  7. Set the Action Type as URL
  8. URL to Launch will be "/apex/loop__looplus"
  9. Parameters listed below:
    Parameter NameParameter Value TypeParameter Value
    eidField NameRecord ID
    sessionIdField NameSession_Id
    contactIdField NameContact
    ddpIdsValueInsert DDP ID
    deployValueInsert Delivery ID
  10. Save
  11. Go back to ServiceMax Setup
  12. Click Service Flow Manager
  13. Click SFM Wizards
  14. Click GO
  15. Select object
  16. Select action under Custom SFM Wizards
  17. Go to Manage Wizard Steps
  18. Set the Wizard Step Type to Other
  19. Select Step under Wizard Setup 
  20. Add Title
  21. Save
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