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Nintex Promapp - Importing Users


How to Import Users into Nintex Promapp.


Download the Import Template:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Users
  2. Select the Import Users option from the Cog Wheel menu
  3. Select the Excel Icon beside the Template option to download the template
  4. Update the template with the user details
  5. Save the file as a CSV file - this must be comma delimited
Import Users:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Users
  2. Select the Import Users option from the Cog Wheel menu
  3. Select the Chose File button
  4. Select from your computer the csv file containing your users
  5. Select Import

Additional Information

The Import functionality can be used to update existing users details also.  To do this:
  1. Export the users list by going to Admin > Users and selecting the Excel icon to download the current users list
  2. Update the users as required
  3. Save as a comma delimited CSV file
  4. Select Import Users from the cog wheel menu
  5. Select Choose File and select your updated users csv file
  6. Select Import
The Import will first match on user names, if it doesn't find a user name match, it will match on first name + last name + email address, if there is still no match a new record will be created.  

The following options can be adjusted as required:

User-added image
  • Auto add roles from CSV - Check this to create new roles if the specified role does not exist in your site
  • Apply team and location tags from CSV - This is only available if your site has the Training add on enabled.  Team and Location tags that don't exist will be created
  • Apply users viewing Permissions from CSV - Users will be added to the specified viewing permission groups.  
  • Use Passwords from CSV - Users passwords will be changed to the password specified in the CSV
  • Send Welcome/reset password emails - All new users will sent an email informing them to set a password for the site.

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