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Nintex Promapp - Importing Roles or responsibilities


How to import Roles & Responsibilities to create new roles or update existing roles.



Importing new Roles or Responsibilities:
  1. Select the Roles option from the Admin menu
  2. Select the Import Roles or Responsibilities option from the cog wheel menu
  3. Select the Excel icon to download the template
  4. Fill in the csv file with the appropriate information and save as a delimited csv file type
  5. Select the Choose File option on the import dialog and select the saved csv file
  6. Select Import

Updating Existing Roles or Responsibilities:
  1. Select the Excel icon at the top of the screen to export the existing Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Make the changes as required
    1. Delete the Participates In column
    2. Delete all users from the Users column except for new users you wish to add to the role/responsibility
  3. Save as a delimited csv file
  4. Import following the instructions from step 5 above


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