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Nintex Promapp - Editing the Process Group Overview


How to edit the Group Overview to create a 'Mega Process' in Nintex Promapp


  1. Navigate to the Process group that you wish to edit
  2. Select the edit tab
  3. Select Add Link, then chose the type of link you would like to add:
    • Process Group
    • Process
    • Conditional
    • Decision
  4. Select the Process or Process Group to link to
  5. Chose Select
  6. Repeat for each link you would like to include on the map
  7. Add a role to each link selected.  When you add a role, this will link the Processes into a Mega Process.  Without adding a role, the Processes/Process Groups will appear in a section called "Other Process in this Group"

Additional Information

When you edit the Group overview, only Processes added through the Edit tab will appear in the Group overview.  

If there are Processes not in the Mega Process that you would like to see on the Group overview, these need to be added to the Group overview without a role.  

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