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Managing Training Seats for Nintex University


Managing Nintex University Seats for


Have a Customer Central Admin navigate to to perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to Contacts from the left-hand navigation bar.

2. Locate the desired Contact and select the options menu on the far right. 

Contact edit.PNG

3. Select the Allocate Training Seat for the user.

4. Once allocated, the contact will contain the graduation cap icon:



Now the contact has an Allocated Training Seat, they will be able to access additional paid content on

Additional Information

Types of Training Seats:
1. Entitled Seat: Seats given based on licensing and are able to be reallocated.

2. Granted Seat: Seats provided prior to September 2020 and cannot be reallocated.


Note: If trying to reallocate a Training Seat amongst contacts please refer to the above types.


If you have any questions regarding purchasing or reallocating Training Seats, please reach out to your Account Manager listed in Nintex Customer Central.


How many Training Seats does my account have available?

1. Available Nintex University Training Seats are located in the top banner of Contacts:

Amount of Training Seats.PNG


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