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How to capture and use the output of a Repeating Section control


I have a repeating section control on my form to collect multiples of similar information but how do I use the output of this control?


To use the output of the Repeating Section control it must be connected to a Multi Lines of text column in SharePoint and the column must be configured as Plain Text.

The output will be in XML format.

The Query XML workflow action can then be used to extract the required nodes from the XML.

Additional Information

Controls within the repeating section cannot be connected to their own SharePoint column.  This is expected behavior.

If a Repeating Section control is unbound (not connected to a SharePoint column) it will be stored in the hidden NFFormData column (O365) or the hidden Form Data column (on-premise).  This hidden column is also in XML format.
This means that when you store a Repeating Section Control which is XML into the hidden Form Data column which is also XML the Repeating Section output will be encoded so as to not make the XML in the hidden column invalid.

For on-premise the Nintex Workflow inline function XMLDecode() can be used to decode the XML of the repeating section in the hidden column.
Note: If the output of the inline function is still not valid XML, put it through the XMLDecode() function again.

Unfortunately the XMLDecode() inline function does not exist on Nintex Workflow for O365 so connecting the Repeating Section to a Column is the only way to make the output usable.

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