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Exporting Nintex Promapp Processes


How can I export Nintex Promapp Processes? 


There are 3 different options to export Processes:

Export to PDF

Export a Process to PDF by selecting the Print icon at the top right hand side of the Process.  Process Groups can also be printed.  

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Export to XML
  • Export a Process to XML by selecting the option Export to XML from the Cog Wheel > Export menu
  • Export a Process Group & Sub Processes to XML by right clicking on the Group in the left hand navigation menu and selecting the option Export to XML from the Export menu.  
Export to BPMN/XPDL

Export a Process to XPDL by selecting Export to BPMN/XPDL from the Cog Wheel > Export menu.  This will export an XPDL format. 

Export to Procedure Text

Export a Process to Procedure text by select the Export Procedure Text option in the Cog Wheel > Export menu.  Copy the Text that is shown in the dialog and paste into a text or word document where you wish this to be saved.  

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