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Drawloop - Managing User Permissions and DocGen Licenses


How to Manage User Permission Sets and DocGen Licenses for Production & Sandbox environments.


There are two ways to Manage Permission Sets and DocGen Licenses for the Nintex DocGen Application:

1. Via the 'User Permissions' section of the DocGen Admin Tab.
2. Via Salesforce Permission Sets and Salesforce Installed Packages.

Via the 'User Permissions' section of the DocGen Admin Tab:


1. Navigate to the DocGen Admin Tab
2. Select Configurations
3. From the list of available users, distribute to either an Admin Permission Set or User Permission Set
4. Along with a Permission Set, the User will be assigned a License "Provisioned Users." 
** Note: If the Provisioned Users count is incorrect, verify in 'Installed Package' in option 2 below.
** Note: If a User does not appear in the list, please see if they were manually provided a Permission Set or License.

User-added image

Via Salesforce Permission Sets and Salesforce Installed Packages:

Permission Set:
1. Navigate to Permission Sets in Salesforce Setup.
2. Select the permission set (DocGen Admin or DocGen User) that you want to assign to users.
3. Click Manage Assignments and then Add Assignments.
4. Select the checkboxes next to the names of the users you want assigned to the permission set, and click Assign.

1. Navigate to Installed Packages in Salesforce Setup.
2. Select Manage Licenses next to the Nintex DocGen Package
3. Click Add Users or Remove Mulitple Users depending on needs.

Additional Information

Note: License management is not necessary for a Sandbox environment as there is an unlimited number available for testing. Licenses will be required in Production environments.
          The only thing that needs to be configured in Sandbox are Permission Sets to generate DocGen Packages.

Video recording:
Assign a License via Installed Packages


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