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Drawloop - Include Template file based on the Delivery Option


How to include a Template file based on the Delivery option.


1. Navigate to the Field Tagger.
2. In Main Object, select Other.
3. Select one of the 3 Delivery Option tags. (Delivery Option IdDelivery Option Name, Delivery Option Record Type) that meets the use case.
4. Copy this <<tag>> and navigate back to the Template file.

User-added image

5. On the Template file, select the options cogwheel.

User-added image

6. Select inclusion type dropdown. 
7. Select advanced.
8. Place the <<tag>> in the data field and the desired value in the value field.

User-added image

9. Expected behavior: The template is included only when this delivery option is selected.

For additional information regarding advanced optional document, see the documentation below:

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