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Drawloop - If Statement - Nested


Nested If statements are structured to evaluated addition scenarios if something evaluates True or False


Standard Single Microsoft IF statement: {IF "<<FieldTag>>"="X" “TRUE” “FALSE”} 
** It is possible Microsoft Word will only allow for a limited of nested statements.**
IF "SalesforceFieldValue" Equals "Criteria" Then "True Statement" Otherwise "False Statement"


Below are 4 examples of how to Nest If Statements in Microsoft Word bases on if If statements evaluate "True".

Static Example:
1. {IF "<<FieldTag_1>>"="X" “TRUE” “FALSE”}
2. {IF "<<FieldTag_1>>"="X" “{IF “<<FieldTag_2>>” = “B” “TRUE” “FALSE}” “FALSE”}
3. {IF "<<FieldTag_1>>"="X" “{IF “<<FieldTag_2>>” = “B” “{IF “<<FieldTag_3>>” = “Y” “TRUE” “FALSE”} “FALSE”}” “FALSE”}
4. {IF "<<FieldTag_1>>"="X" “{IF “<<FieldTag_2>>” = “B” “{IF “<<FieldTag_3>>” = “Y” “{IF "<<FieldTag_4>>"="A" “TRUE” “FALSE”}” “FALSE”} “FALSE”}” “FALSE”}


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