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Drawloop - Group Tables Closely Together


Grouping Tables Closely to mimic Row Replication is Design and Word Functionality.



Please see the attached Sample:

Depending on the desired look of the use-case please see options below:

Option 1: (Single Table with Close Configuration)
  • The Paragraphs marks under the Table must be changed to font size 1.
  • Remove all borders or configure the boarders to the desired design.

Option 2: (Tables in one Large Table with outside border) 
  • This scenario requires several tables to be inside 1 large table.
  • The column width must be a preferred width. (Word does not allow "Automatically resize to fit contents" for Tables inside Tables) - Search Microsoft community sites for details.
  • The Cell options must have Wrap Text enabled
  • The Paragraphs marks under each Table must be changed to font size 1.
  • Remove all the boards for inner tables.
  • Have the 1 large table with outer borders.

Expected result: Tables replicate closely and resemble the behavior or Row Replication.
** Please note this is Design and Word Functionality**


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