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Drawloop - Dynamically Tagging Document Saved in Notes and Attachments


How to dynamically tag a document saved in Notes and Attachments


Option 1: Tag the template
  1. Tag the template how you would tag your template
  2. Information will come through as long as the tags that are being used are in the main template.
  3. If the tags are not in the main templates in your DocGen package, create a dummy document and have the start-end page as 0 to 0. Have the document include the tags that you would like to have it pulled in your documents that you are using in the attachment.

Option 2: With PDF Stamp
  1. On the object where the file is saved in Notes and Attachments create a Document package.
  2. In the Document package create a PDF stamp.
  3. In the PDF stamp in the 'Stamp text' include the dynamic tag from field tagger and change the brackets from << >> to [[ ]] as per Help text.
  4. Utilize Vertical offset, Horizontal offset and Pages to specify where the text should be located in the file.
  5. Specify Font, Style and Font size to match the desired design.

Additional Information

  • The generated file has to always have the same number of pages so that the attachment is stamped properly
  • DDP delivery has to be set up with Document output type PDF

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