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Drawloop - Bring in Attachments for Knowledge Articles


You can bring in attachments from knowledge articles into your DocGen Package


Knowledge Article Setup
Under the Knowledge Article Type in Setup, choose the article type where you would like the attachment to appear on.
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Create a new field with a Data Type of “File”. If you would like to have it appear on all article types, then you would need to create a field on each article type. This will provide the ability to upload documents to the knowledge article.

DocGen Package Setup
Expose the field “Case Articles” field on the DocGen Package layout. Click on “Change” and select the article type where the File field exists on. You can either select them as Optional or Required or Separate Optional Articles (shows up as separate attachment). You must select select at least one from one of these options, otherwise the list will not appear when running the package.
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When running the package, a list of attachments will show up. This list replaces our normal attachment list.
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When you see a row with empty columns for the case number, status, and title, this is due to the attachment coming from a record instead of a knowledge article. In the example below, the attachment is coming from the account record.
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