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Drawloop - Attaching related documents from records


How to append attachments to your DocGen Package



DocGen Package requirements
a. Select either "Allow Document Storage" (for the option to select files) or "Require Document Storage" (to require files)

b. Additionally, the "Notes and Attachments" files can also be re-arranged within each other by drag and dropping the files up or down.
Note the following run experiences below:

1. Standard Manual DocGen Run 
a. The "&attachids" parameters will only select the attachment on the run page. If the attachment does not exist on the run page, this will not attach the document when running the package. See Additional Information below
b. If you would like to bring in attachments from another record, you will need to append the "&parentids=" parameter into the button. The "parentids" parameter will need the value of the records that you are trying to pull the attachments from.

2. Automated Outbound Message
 When using the "attachids" parameter in a Drawloop Next field for Outbound Messages, this will bring in the attachment indicated in the parameter (They do not have to be related to the record.)
1. The documents must be delimited by a pipe "|" .
2. The value 'all' is not supported in this configuration. The Id's must be included

See examples below for examples:

Include Attachments - Dynamic (attachment Ids are stored in a field on record)
"SFOpportunity:" & Id & ";SFContact:" & Billing_Contact__r.Id & ";DDPId:a021500000ETjV2AAL;Deploy:a011500000T8Zn3" & ";attachids:" & ProductAttachments__c

Include Attachments - Static
"SFOpportunity:" & Id & ";SFContact:" & Billing_Contact__r.Id & ";DDPId:a021500000ETjV2AAL;Deploy:a011500000T8Zn3" & ";attachids:06960000001dJy1|06960000001dJy7"


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