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Date Format in XML of Repeating Section is Always MM/DD/YYYY With Query XML Workflow Action

Why does a repeating section with a date input, when queried by a Query XML action, return the date in MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY, as defined in the site region settings?
  • A date value inside a repeater is always converted to Invariant Culture (a fixed type of culture which is culture insensitive) format before being saved into a XML. This allows Nintex controls to work with different cultures.
  • The repeater will convert the saved values based on the regional setting when displaying it on the form. This does not happen when the XML value is retrieved from the workflow directly;
  • From this point on, it will be possible to make use of Workflow’s ‘Convert value’ action to mitigate the constraint.
Using the InvariantCulture Property in Microsoft Developer Network
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