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Bypassing VisualForce Page with Mass LOOP button


How to bypass the VisualForce Page using the Mass LOOP button.


Add the following parameters below to your Mass LOOP Button syntax:

Additional Information

Below is a sample, for reference.


var ids = {!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.Vacation__c)};
if (!ids || ids.length < 1)
    alert("Please select at least one record.");

{var redirectUrl = "/apex/loop__masslooplus?retURL=" + encodeURI(;
    redirectUrl += "&recordIds="+ids.join(",");
    redirectUrl += "&sessionId={!$Api.Session_ID}";
    redirectUrl += "&contactField=Travel_Agent__c";
    redirectUrl += "&autorun=true&ddpids=a021a000000Dc0r&deploy=a011a000002YByS";
    window.location.href = redirectUrl;}

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