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Adding Lightning Button


How to add a lightning button to the page layout.


  1. From Setup, talk the following actions.
    1. If you're working with a standard object, type Page Layouts in the Quick Find box, then click the page layout of the standard objects to which you want to add a button to generate documents
    2. If you're working with a custom object:
      1. Type Objects in the Quick Find box, then click Objects for a list of custom objects in your organization
      2. Click the custom object your want to work with, then click Page Layouts
    3. On the page layout related list for the object you selected, click Edit next to the page layout to which your want to add the button
    4. In the palette, select Mobile & Lightning Actions
    5. In the list of available Mobile and Lighting actions, select Generate Documents (or the button your just created) and drag it to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section
    6. Click Save

With the button in place, users can generate documents from Lightning 

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