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Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 4 - Additional Resources

Nintex for Salesforce - Overview Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 1 - Installing the App Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 2 - Roles and Permissions Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 3 - Designing Workflows Part 4 - Additional Resources

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Nintex Learning Center Recommended Courses

The Nintex Learning Central provides users with a self-service, on-demand learning environment to help users get the most out of the Nintex Platform. Here are some recommended courses for those learning to use Nintex Workflow for Salesforce:

  • Introduction to Nintex
    • Learn the basics of the Nintex Platform. You'll also learn the basic capabilities that serve as the building blocks for solutions in Nintex for SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce and the Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  • Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Basic
    • Understand the basic functions for Nintex Workflow for Salesforce. Learn how to design a form to capture data, construct your workflow framework, and configure your workflow. Use these tools to retrieve a record in Salesforce and accelerate approvals.

Nintex Workflow Cloud Solution Stories

Find your real-life workflow solutions here. These solutions not only show step-by-step workflow creation for your business processes, but also the why behind what your doing. Starting with best practices and then ending with completed workflows, you'll be able to see the real world solutions in action by the end of these guides.

Nintex Customer Central

Providing a host of tools and interfaces for managing your interactions with Nintex; Customer Central provides an overview of your account details, product usage and downloads, as well as your current and historical Support cases. Customer Central is your conduit for finding everything Nintex.

Nintex Connect Community

The Nintex Community with over 19,000 members where you can share best practices, post valuable technical content, and interact daily with other Nintex users.

Nintex Knowledge Base

Having an issue with workflows or forms? Every time that our support team resolves an issue, they add the solution to our ever growing Knowledge Base which is open to everyone!

Nintex Uservoice

Your avenue for providing feedback and feature requests directly to the Nintex Product team.

Nintex Product Roadmap

See the upcoming features planned for the various products across the Nintex platform.

Nintex Product Docs

If you want to dive into the documentation for Nintex Workflow Cloud, or any of the other product offerings on the Nintex platform, head over to our product documentation site for in-depth information around specific actions, controls, and functionalities offered within Nintex.

Additional Nintex Workflow Cloud templates

Under the Nintex Workflow Cloud section of the Nintex community site, you can find additional workflow process templates that members of the community are creating and sharing.




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Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 3 - Designing Workflows Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 4 - Additional Resources
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