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Your personal settings 
You can access your settings by clicking on your avatar in the top-right corner to access the drop-down menu and selecting My settings.

From here you can update your personal information, email address, username, community display settings, as well as subscriptions and notifications. Click on any tab to go to those settings.
Username: You can update your username/ screen name which must be at least two characters long. You can use letters, numbers, dashes and underscores.

: Here you can change your email address if needed. You also have the option to disable the Community emails – but we do not recommend this!

Personal Information: 
Add your name, surname and other personal info here.
Add a personal signature that will be displayed below all your posts.
You can also add your location and a link to your webpage.
You can use the biography text area to tell us about yourself! You can include any info you’d like to share with other community members which will be visible on your profile page.

IM Screen Names: here you can add your ICQ number, AIM screen name, MSN Messenger screen name, Yahoo ID and your Skype name.

Close Account: You have the option to close your account and remove your personal information.
Caution! After you close your account, you can’t re-open it. If you later decide to re-join the community, you must re-register and start from scratch. Closing your account will immediately log you out.
Auto-Sign-in Options: You can turn off auto-signin for this computer or for all computers you use. 

Preference Options: Edit your time zone and language settings. Select whether you want to ignore html in posts and view signatures in posts. Choose your default editor for posts.
You can also automatically subscribe to topics you participated in and show confirmation pages for posting.

Display settings allows you to choose your date display formats. You can also turn the quick reply function off.

In General settings you can choose when to mark posts as read and how you would like to see topics sorted (by date or time posted), etc.

In Linear Layout settings you can change the order topics are displayed, the amounts of topics displayed per page and the amount of posts shown per page for each topic. You can also change the default thread filters to suit your preferences.

Home Page settings allows you to change the number of items displayed in certain components (where applicable). These include your bookmarks, private messages, subscriptions and more.

You can select the visibility of your private information and email address in Privacy Settings.

In Private Messenger settings you can switch private messages on/off. You can also edit the number of messages you see per page, and switch on email notifications for new private messages.

You can change the Top Author and Top Kudoed components in the community by selecting the time range for these. You can also hide Kudo buttons and figures in Kudo Settings.
Update your Avatar by selecting an image from the Community, from your albums (these are images you’ve previously loaded into the Community) or from the Web. The Community album includes a few pre-loaded images to choose from.
Once you’ve selected an image, you can crop and resize it as well.

Use Tagging to organize posts and threads—so it’s easier to find later. Tags help other users to quickly find posts about a specific topic or find others who are interested in the same topics.

Change the way your tags appear in Tagging Options, and view all your tags in the Tags tab.
You can create up to 9 Macros to use in the community. These will allow you to quickly add text that you use quite often to your posts. Give your Macro a title and add your text. Click Save.
Now when you add a post – your Macros will appear in the top-right corner of the Body field. Simply select the Macro to add the text to your post.
This section has been extensively covered in a separate article.
Remember to save your changes!
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