Bookmarks: How to Create and View Bookmarks

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If you come across boards, posts, or articles that you'd like to access quickly, just bookmark them!


To bookmark an item, go to the item, click the Options drop-down menu, and select Bookmark.
(Depending on where you are in the Community, you will notice different options available under the Options menu!)                                                       


To remove a Bookmark, go to that item and select: Remove from My Bookmarks.




View and Manage your Bookmarks

You can view and manage your saved  Bookmarks from your profile page.

Access your settings by clicking on your avatar in the top-right corner to access the drop-down menu and select My settings.



From the Subscriptions & Notifications tab, click on My Bookmarks. Alternatively, you can directly click on My subscriptions.
To delete a bookmark, select the checkbox next to the item and then from the Bookmark Options drop-down menu, select Delete Selected Bookmarks. Here you also have the option to select and delete all your bookmarks by using “Check All”.


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