You’ve Got Mail: SMTP vs Salesforce Email

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Drawloop Document Generation for Salesforce customers often ask what the benefits are to using the 'SMTP Service' delivery option as opposed to 'Email'. While both delivery methods result in the generated document being sent to the intended recipient by email, the 'SMTP Service' delivery option allows users to avoid Salesforce limitations. Lets look at the benefits...

Benefits to using SMTP Service:

  • Avoid Salesforce's 1,000 daily email limit
  • Field tags can be used in the email template and subject line allowing you to pull data from multiple objects
  • Email is stored in Sent folder of the connected email

Use Case:

When Crestan Bakery receives a new order they immediately send out a confirmation email containing a generated document with order details. The DDP was originally configured to use the 'Email' delivery option but with the holidays approaching Crestan Bakery is receiving more orders than usual and are now hitting the Salesforce daily email limit. To get around this, Crestan Bakery must use the 'SMTP Service' delivery method rather than 'Email'. Let's see how they did it.


First, navigate to your DDP and scroll down to the Delivery Option related list. Click the 'New Delivery Option' button.


Next, choose 'SMTP Service' from the 'Type of new record' drop-down menu. Then, click 'Continue'.


Provide the Delivery Option a name of your choosing, enter the domain of your email service, and enter your User Name. Additionally, add the field tag for your recipient in the Additional To field. Then click 'Save'.


Once saved, locate the Password field and click the 'Change' link.


At this point you will be able to enter your password in the Password field. Once entered, click 'Save'.


Finally, run the DDP on a test record to ensure the credentials entered are correct.

Common Questions:

Q: My email service has a limitation on how many emails can be sent per day as well. Can you recommend a service that has high limits?

A:: There are many services that can assist with this issue such as SendGrid.

Q: Can I use the SMTP delivery option in a DDP being triggered by a Workflow/Outbound message?

A: Absolutely! Ensure your Drawloop_Next field contains 'Deploytype:autosmtpservice'

Q: How do I find my SMTP providers domain?

A: You can usually do a quick Google search for this information or reach out to your provider.

Q: Help! I'm getting an error. Is my configuration correct?

A: Below is a list of common issues we see. If the list below does not help you resolve the issue we recommend creating a ticket with our amazing Support team.

  • Credentials are not correct
  • 2-step authentication is enabled for the email being used
  • Incorrect port is being used
  • Certificate is self-sign, not signed, or does not support SMTP