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Updated Documentation

Ever heard that you can build custom actions for Nintex Workflow Cloud, but not known how to get started? Ever been working with an action in the workflow designer and wondered how the Nintex developers built a certain part of the action panel? Well, with the latest updates to the Nintex Xtensions documentation, you can learn all that and more!

The Xtensions team has been hard at work taking customer and partner feedback around our documentation and leveraging that to make some key updates that we think will make it easier than ever to build new custom actions using Nintex Xtensions. Developer documentation is always a balancing act between being easy to follow, so new developers can understand the concepts, yet still robust enough that more advanced developers can derive value and keep building cool things. In our latest update, we try to strike this balance with a little bit of new stuff for everyone. Let's break down what's new.


New Tutorials

When you are learning something new, it can be really helpful to see something in action with an example that you can download and try for yourself. But it’s just as important to get a view of the whole picture, or to be able to quickly grab that one piece of information you’ve forgotten later on. We’ve revamped our documentation on authentication, specification extensions and file handling with a new, streamlined approach that puts the information you need front and center. Don’t worry, our downloadable examples are still all right there if you want more.

New Xtension Topics

  • Connection Validation:
    • n-ntx-connection-validation helps streamline the connection creation process by providing a validation check when the connection is first created vs. when it is first used. This will save time for workflow designers and testers.
  • Connection Properties:
    • n-ntx-connection-properties provides additional properties that a designer can specify when creating a new connection. These might be properties such as database path, or a subdomain.
  • host and basePath extensions:
    • x-ntx-host provides you with the ability to provide a host for a specific operation.
    • o x-ntx-basePath provides you with the ability to provide a new base path for a specific operation.
  • Updated quick reference with Tree control:
    • Tree now allows you to display an object as a tree structure to workflow designers to help indicate the hierarchy of properties within the action panel.
  • Render Version 2
    • Render version 2 now makes it easier for your workflow designers to work with arrays and complex objects, and is what Nintex is now using for all new actions within Nintex Workflow Cloud.



We're excited to get these updates out to the public and look forward to seeing how new and veteran developers alike continue their journey with Xtensions. If you'd like to check out some finished Xtensions examples that you can add to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant today, jump over to the Connectors section of the Nintex Accelerator Gallery and see how others are using Xtensions to expand their workflow capabilities.



Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash