What's New from Nintex! August 2017

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Follow this document (upper-right, click "actions" and then follow), because we'll be adding to it as releases come out throughout the month.

Nintex Forms for Office 365

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Big news! Responsive Forms for Nintex Forms for Office 365 are here! And they're here, globally! Now, when you create a new form, you are presented with the option of creating a classic form or a responsive form. 

See this how-to blog: What's New: Responsive Forms Designer for Microsoft Office 365 

Here are the Nintex Forms for Office 365 - Release Notes 

Nintex Workflow Cloud

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There is one new feature and several improvements or fixes in the latest update to Nintex Workflow Cloud!

Our product team has begun to allow you to integrate with Azure Active Diretory and added the ability to attach a file to a Salesforce record.

See more in the Nintex Workflow Cloud - Release Notes 

See Nintex Product Manager Rick De Marco‌'s blog explaining the capability: Azure AD actions land to power up your Workflows! 

Nintex Mobile Apps

The Internet loves cats.  So does Nintex Mobile Apps. So, you'll now find one, along with a few other udpate to our Mobile Apps. 

See more in the Nintex Mobile Apps - Release Notes 

Nintex Hawkeye


Nintex Hawkeye has a new look! There are three main changes to the user experience. They were made based on your feedback! Find out what they are in Nintex Product Manager George Tsigounis‌ latest post: Improved User Experience for Hawkeye 

And here are the