What's New From Nintex - Nintex Hawkeye!

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We are very excited to announce the availability of Nintex Hawkeye, our new, cloud based workflow analytics service!

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At Nintex, we know that as you begin to better manage everyday processes with the Nintex Workflow Platform, it adds up to more productivity, a stronger bottom line, happier people, and opportunities for teams to focus on more strategic endeavors. Now, Nintex Hawkeye gives you an unprecedented view into your process portfolio across the entire Nintex workflow platform.

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What is Nintex Hawkeye?

Nintex Hawkeye automatically captures people and process data and helps you define reports, dashboards and analytics to help business and IT decision makers understand important questions like: which processes are automated, what functions do they perform, when and how often do processes run, who’s involved in the process, how effective are they and how might they be improved? It allows you to instrument and measure your automated business processes, enabling you to generate insights that help identify which processes yield the best business results and target those processes that need improvement – making every aspect of your business run better.

How Do I Deploy it?

Deploying Nintex Hawkeye boils down to 3 fundamental steps.

1. Connect data : Connect all of your Nintex enabled environments to Nintex Hawkeye to gather data from across the organization. Your data is safe, secure, isolated, encrypted, and only accessible to your users. Today we support SharePoint 2013, with SharePoint 2016, Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud coming soon.

2. Apply lenses : Apply Nintex Hawkeye lenses to filter process data by process types, users, roles, departments, and more.

3. Share dashboards : Share intelligent reports and dashboards using best-in-class visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI. Nintex Hawkeye comes with pre-built dashboards to get you up and running, whilst also integrating with other business intelligence tools that support industry standard OData APIs.

How Do I get it?

We’ve made a 30-day trial available and encourage you to see for yourself how Nintex Hawkeye can help bring new insights to your workflow practice.