What's New From Nintex - July, 2016 Release!

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We have released the latest version of Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and Nintex Forms for Office 365!

Nintex Forms for Office 365


The biggest news comes from Nintex Forms for Office 365 with two enhancements: Print to PDF and the Lookup Runtime Function.

Technical Evangelist Brad Orluk​ outlinesThe Continuing Journey to a Paper-less Office... Nintex Forms Print to PDF in the Cloud!

AndTechnical Evangelist Sean Fiene​ wishes he had more punctuation for his excitement about the Lookup Runtime in Nintex Forms for Office 365.

Check out the Nintex Forms 2013 - Release Notes for more details.

NIntex Workflow for Office 365

This months update to Nintex Workflow provides for the ability to configure  task forms to open directly in Edit Mode, which is available in the Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 - Release Notes

Here are the Help Files​.


Do you want to migrate your workflows to local data centers? This can be time-consuming, and you'll want to contact your sales representative.

But here's a tutorial to help you through the process:Migrating to local data centers

Forms Fledgling

What SharePoint 2013 On-Premise Cumulative Update version (by Release Date) have the Nintex July updates been successfully tested on by Nintex?    Note:  Previously the Nintex Product Update page specified that they had been tested against the SharePoint 2013 Feb 2016 update; however, this information is not specified with the Nintex July update information on the Nintex Product Update page.    Have the Nintex July Updates been tested against a newer SharePoint 2013 Update version (3/16, 4/16, 5/16, 6/16 or 7/16)?

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Hi David Weyrick​,

The latest release of Nintex Forms 2013 has been tested with February 2016 CU and Nintex Forms 2010 has been tested with March 2016 CU.



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Thank you, Euan Gamble​! I can add that commentary to the downloads page.