Webcast - Moving to the Microsoft Cloud: Which Platform, Migration Strategies & End-User Adoption

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Is your organization looking to move your content and processes to the Microsoft Cloud? As more and more companies start the planning and migration process, they struggle with the numerous choices and decisions that need to be made on getting there as well as realizing all the benefits moving to the cloud can bring.

Gig Werks a Premier Nintex Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, will be hosting an upcoming webcast to help guide you on that journey and deliver the information you need to make the right choices and setup your organization for a successful migration, end-user adoption and realizing the full potential the cloud and Nintex has to offer.

During the webcast, we will discuss best practices to move to the Microsoft Cloud and how to apply process using Nintex Workflow. Topics include:   

  • Which Microsoft Cloud Platform to use? (SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Azure Blob Storage)
    • From Feature, to Governance to Price
  • How do you move that content as well as all the workflows, processes and governance currently in place?
  • How do you ensure your customer, the end-user, has the optimal user experience to drive adoption and bring value to your company?


Join us for the webcast and learn the differences, appropriate use, governance and pricing implications of each of these potential end points for content - discuss strategies and goals in the migration process - and how using tools like Nintex to build rapid, powerful applications drives business value and user adoption.

Webcast Details

  • Title: Moving to the Microsoft Cloud: Best Practices & Use of SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams & Azure Blob Storage, Migration Strategies & Making it Work for End-Users
  • Date: 09/11/19
  • Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm EST
  • Learn More & Register: http://bit.ly/MSCloud-GW


Additionally, check out the launch of our all new podcast series which kicks off with a discussion between Gig Werks President Joseph Giegerich and Gig Werks Enterprise Solution Architect & Nintex Virtual Technology Specialist Christian Holslin on the differences, appropriate use, governance and pricing implications of SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams & Azure Blob Storage

Check out the Full podcast below or at http://bit.ly/MSCloud-Podcast or jump to part of the podcast where we discuss the platform you want to learn most about:

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Super looking forward to this! Espcially with our new opportunities around the Customer Loyalty Program here at Nintex and getting people over onto subscription! If you're an existing customer come check it out and hope to see you all at this webinar!


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Looking forward to this.... 

Wrie some updates about python as well..