Tips for Newbies (like me) - Form Panels

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I jumped right in to building a form... I got this!


I plugged away adding items as fast as I could and before I knew it I had a decent size form put together.


Time to run it! Well. yeah my layout in the forms designer looked a whole lot better than in runtime.

Controls were overlapping, pushed to the left, pushed to the right........ When applying rules especially hiding and showing items would totally shift items at will.


I got some great support from Nintex after many hours of struggling to get the form to behave the way I wanted it to.

Bottom line: Panels


Avoid just dropping items on a form. Use panels to group your form elements into logical sections.

Here's an example of how Panels helped solve a problem:


I applied a rule that would hide the text seen below after a date was entered into the form. Just laying the controls on the form, when the rule executed, the remaining controls would shift and end up on top of each other. 

By adding a Panel to my form and I placed all of the controls inside the panel, the rule executed and the layout behaved as expected.


If you find yourself having issues with your layout shifting at runtime or after applying a rule, consider Panels.