The officially unofficial Workflow Action comparison guide part 1

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The reason I'm writing this is to start addressing a challenge that Cassy Freeman posted in response to my video stating I'll try and help any Nintex customer do more with the platform. 

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While this is a challenge for sure, I think I can tackle it in pieces to help everyone out and make some progress. The first thing I did was take a look at what I thought were the most common actions being used in on-premises. This is 100% my opinion so take it for what its worth, but here is the list of actions I chose starting out and some notes about them.

On-Premise Action NameOffice 365 Action NameComments about the actions
Assign Flexi tasksTask Action and Start a Task ProcessUse one of these actions to achieve a similar result which is assigning a task to a user to complete
Calculate date Add Time to DateThe basic premise of the action is the same. You can add minutes, seconds, days, months and years to the date
Math operation Do CalculationThe basic premise of the action is the same. You can add, multiple, subtract or divide, or mod
Pause for...Pause For DurationThis allows you to pause the workflow for a set number of days, hours, or minutes and it can abide by business hours only. You will notices that you cannot do months and years in Office 365.
Pause until... Pause UntilThe basic premise of the action is the same.
Set a conditionConditional BranchThe basic premise of the action is the same.
Loop Loop with ConditionThe basic premise of the action is the same
End workflowTerminate Current WorkflowThe basic premise of the action is the same
Set field valueUpdate List ItemWhile in on-premises you update a particular field via an action, it is preferred to use the update list item and select the field or fields to update via one action in O365.

Let me know what actions you want more info on as I start building my second list. 

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Automation Master

Eric Harris‌ this is a great start thank you

Question - why aren't the names consistent?

What I would really like to see are the missing pieces - I have always felt that for a long time we get a much richer experience and a better range of action on-prem than you would in O365.  Can you identify those gaps.  I know the focus has shifted to cloud first which is great, but there are still things that can't be done right?!

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This is a great start! Thank You. Please elaborate on Set Field Value.

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This is my next step is the perceived gaps... Give me some time to get that done. I also have to do a bit of testing as well to ensure the information is correct.

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Set field value allows you to update specific field with the item that is executing that workflow. For O365 because you are tying the workflow back to the item, you get the similar functionality by using the Update List Item action.

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Automation Master

Let's not forget about the "Update Item" action in on-prem

I still wish they'd make the naming consistent across platforms too.  Makes it easier for us who work in all envs to remember what a this is called or a that is called for wherever we are.

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This is a pretty good list already compiled.   

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Thanks Eric, super helpful.