The future of Nintex Community: changes coming soon!

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Alistair Cloke, our VP of Customer Success Programs, revealed in his blog article “7 Years of growth in the Nintex Community”, that the Nintex Community is about to be relaunched with a brand new design and structure. I am happy to let you know that these changes will be coming next week!


On 30 March at 00:01 (PT) | 09:00 (CET) the Nintex Community will be placed into read-only mode. You will be able to view content but will not be able to post during this time. This downtime is expected to take between 5 – 10 hours.

The new structure will allow you to quickly access content based on product/capability, with quick links to relevant information. The refreshing clean design is just the first phase in creating a community that works for you!

If you need any assistance during this time, our normal support channels will be fully operational. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at




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