The concept of low code, citizen development and their vital role in Digital Transformation:

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Low Code Automation & Nintex K2 Five Journey By Nintex MVP - The concept of low code, citizen development and their vital role in Digital Transformation:


The concept of low code in itself is not new. However, the evolution in capabilities of such platforms and the continuous change in how we do business over the past decade has labeled low code platforms as a catalyst to digital transformation positioning them at the top of corporate agendas and a vital component of corporate strategies.


Shift in how we do business and the move from the "Classical IT departments" model, where IT was viewed for many years as the sole place to go to for any technology related services or issues, has increased the demand on low code platforms


As intuitive as the name may seem, Low code refers to the nature of platforms that allow users to satisfy their build requirements with very limited amount of coding needed if any at all in simpler scenarios. In the front end, code consoles are replaced with a library of built in functions and web parts/objects/widgets that are easier to understand and configure to the average non technical user.


This unique attribute of low code promotes the concept of Citizen Development i.e. providing the opportunity to both non technical and non IT users and introducing them to the world of development which previously was exclusive to IT technical professionals.


There are numerous advantages to Citizen Development and how it expedites digital transformation. The main ones listed to come provide both value addition to both business and to IT.


1) Business Enablement

2) Speed of delivery

3) Reduce load on IT


Business Enablement:


With low code platforms, business users may take control of designing and building their own solutions. Not only does this provide a sense of control and satisfaction, but also gives business users the opportunity to "wear the IT hat" giving them new insights to how systems and logic work and the challenges faced in building robust business solutions. This helps IT and Business to come to a common understanding to technology expectancy.


Speed of delivery:


Due to the low code nature, simple solutions built by a proficient citizen developer might be done in as short as a few days. This helps both business and IT achieve necessary goals within deadlines and increases overall productivity and delivery turn around time.



Reduce load on IT:


It is common that IT being a support function is always overloaded with demands from all other areas in the business. Citizen development reduces work load on IT by enabling the business resulting in a win-win scenario due the the reasons mentioned above.


In my next article, i will be diving into the final preparations before kicking off building using your low code tool