Summary email of outstanding tasks - only one per Assigned To

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I was asked to create a workflow to send a reminder email to all the manager's that have time cards yet to be reviewed by them. I want to send only one email, even if they had more than one time card to review. 

This is a SITE workflow. This way I can schedule it to run when I want. You can schedule it to run at what ever interval you desire. List or Library workflows work best when set up to run when something is created or modified.


First set up your variables. 

This is what my workflow looks like. 

Configure your first query: I filtered by the status of Submitted as they are ready for review but not yet reviewed.

Select your "Collection" variable.

Next, use a Collection operation to remove the duplicates

Configure the For each

Next we want set a variable to find the Manager's User ID so we can filter it later. 

We will query this list again. This time filtering so the list Column (manager) and the Variable match up.

Now I want to send a notice to each manager based on this query.

You can use this on a task list, workflow task list, or just about any list or library that has a people picker and choice column.

I hope you find this useful!

Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert
Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert

Vickie Reschke‌ - 

Nice post, detailed

I have to ask, why are you querying the list again within the loop? If you already have your list of managers from your first query list action (which is filtered by Status) and then remove duplicates in your collection action, that should be enough to send your one email per manager with outstanding tasks correct?

It does leave open the possibility to get information from each item for the specific manager and put them in the email if needed, but if you only need to send one email per manager if they have at least one outstanding task, I think that that query action it is redundant and could be removed. I say this because on larger task lists or if there are a large number of managers, going back to query the list again each loop through could be costly.

Let me know - I am always intrigued on how other users approach and solve the same problems/issues! In fact, Cassy Freeman and I have had similar conversations about querying lists to see if her way or my was more efficient.


Thanks Jesse,

I am new to queries in this way, so I'll try and see if I get the same result with just one query. Worth a try!


It always helps with performance to save on round trips to the server. 


Could reminders be included in this summary?