Split-screen multitasking

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Nintex Mobile now supports split-screen multitasking for iOS users! 

With the new supported capability, you don't have to choose between having the Nintex app or another app open. Instead, you can have two apps side by side. 

How can split-screen multitasking improve your Nintex Mobile experience? 

Let's say you get an email with information scattered throughout. You need to input information from the email into a form in the Nintex Mobile app. Rather than constantly switching between the email app and the Nintex Mobile app, you can use split-screen multitasking to easily fill in the form.  As the example image shows, you can quickly identify the needed information and enter it in the form all at the same time. 

Example image showing both apps on one screen. The Nintex Mobile app is on the left and the email app is on the right.

For more information on split-screen multitasking, see the Apple article About Multitasking on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and the detailed YouTube video Split Screen Multi-Tasking on the iPad Pro.