Push the button

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So, we all know that it is possible to start a workflow externally. (Thanks to Eric HarrisExternally start Nintex workflows in seconds with Zapier!)

The other day I was thinking of: How cool would it be, to start a workflow with a proper button?

After a short research, I ordered two buttons from bt.tn. They are fully supported by Zapier so in no time I had my first (by a button startable) workflow. 

Ok, geek stuff. But what can they be used for in a real life scenario?

I am thinking of task list, where new tasks aren't assigned to anyone. With one push, a workflow assigns a task to the initiator.

Or let's assume you have a single site-workflow to terminate several different workflows. One push and you are done. (You probably use a big red button for that right!?)

I know there are some really creative community members out there. Please share your ideas with me! I am curious to know what you would automate with just one button.