Populate a Calculated Value Field with HTML/Picture

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Just by luck i found a great feature to populate a Calculated Value Field with HTML.

With it, it´s possible to dynamicly populate a Field, even in a Repeating Section with Pictures.

The best part is, that it is super easy to configurate.

Here is an example Form i designed. In it there is a Reapeating Section with a List Lookup and a Calculated Value Field.


The List Lookup is connected to the SharePointList "HW-SW-Artikel" and not more is configurated. It just shows all ListItems in it.

In the Calculated Value Field is a lookup on the same List. It gets the HTML value, based on the List Lookup from the SharePoint List.

The Calculated Value Field now recalculate the HTML and shows the picture.

lookup("HW-SW-Artikel", "ID", LookUp, "HTML-Link")

List Lookup.jpgCalculatedValue.jpg

The HTML Code in HW-SW-Artikel SharePoint List

SharePoint List.jpg

<a href="https://community.nintex.com/community/build-your-own/content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~..." target="_blank">
<img src="https://community.nintex.com/resources/images/palette-1068/headerLogo-Nintex-Connect.png" alt="Logitech Performance Maus"  style="width:200px;height:75px;border:0;"></a>

The Result is an easy way to populate a repeating section with pictures.

Also the link on an images is working and it opens the right href link in a new tab.


Hope it helps someone =D

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Hi I have used what you have shown and it's perfect for what I needed couple of things I'm struggling with; for some reason I can see and display the photos but for example if another user is filling out form it just displays box with cross in?

also the data that goes back to the list once order is created is a long list of xml text is there a way of making that more readable so can go back and see what product was seletected 

thank you 

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can we confirm that this still works? I'm trying to get attachments (pictures) to embed to a form usign this method. have a workflow that concatenates the url so it gets the right list id folder in the attachments folder in sharepoint but does not appear to display anything....

Forms Fledgling

I can show the images correctly in the section of repetition, but when I go to save the item with more than one occurrence, skip the following error:

If I remove the images, the form is saved correctly

This is the value of the field 

Workflow Hero

For your first question, I suggest checking the permissions of the users who see the box with cross in it. They would need to have read permission to the list the images are stored in.

Sorry I can't help at all with the second question.

Nintex Observer

Is it possible to use the same approach but with a Sharepoint Library?