Office 365 Integration now available for Nintex Drawloop Document Generation

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This month, one of two important features included in the Drawloop Document Generation v9 release (LOOP Document Services) is the ability to store and edit document templates using Office 365. This powerful integration allows users to significantly reduce the number of steps involved in editing and managing document templates. Read the Release Notes for complete details.

Let's take a look at a use case and see the benefits in action...


Crestan Furniture recently relocated their world headquarters from Phoenix to Seattle. As part of the transition, Crestan's Salesforce Admin must now edit all customer templates to reflect the address change. Previously, the process of editing these templates required the following steps:

    1. Open the Document record in Salesforce for each template
    2. Download the template from Salesforce to a local drive
    3. Edit the template
    4. Save the template (still on the local drive)
    5. And finally, upload the updated template back into Salesforce


Using the new Office 365 integration, the Salesforce Admin can now streamline the process to simply opening and editing each template in Office 365 which will automatically sync edits to the document templates used in each of Crestan's DDPs.


    • Syncing:
      Document template edits will sync automatically.
    • Versioning:
      Users can easily restore previous versions of document templates without having to use the Salesforce CRM Content add-on feature.
    • Storage:
      Users can store all document templates in Office 365 for easy editing, accessibility, and collaboration.

Getting Started:

How to connect Nintex Drawloop Document Generation to Office 365

Navigate to the 'DDP Admin' tab and click the 'Configure Integration' button. Click 'New' then set the 'Type' drop-down menu to "Office 365". Name the new integration, add the 'Site URL' of your Office 365 instance, and finally add the 'Site Path'. Finally, click 'Authorize'. Next, you'll be prompted to login to Office 365 to authorize the integration.

Note: If you do not see this window ensure your browser allows pop-up windows.


How to add document templates stored in Office 365 to your DDPs

Once the new integration is authorized, navigate to the DDP where you'd like to add your document template stored in Office 365. Under 'Select Files' choose "Office 365" from the first drop-down menu. Next, click the second drop-down menu and choose the name of the integration you created in the previous step. Locate the template you'd like to use and then click and drag the file to the section titled 'File/Report Name'. Finally, click Save.


How to store generated document templates in Office 365

First, navigate to the DDP and scroll down to the 'Delivery Option' related list. Click the 'New Delivery Option'.


Choose 'Attach' from the 'Type of new record' drop-down menu. Then, click 'Continue.'


Name the new delivery method and choose "Office 365" from the 'Store As' drop-down menu. Then, click 'Save.'


The 'Storage Location' field should now appear. Click the '[Change]' link.


Choose the new storage location from the 'Endpoint' drop-down menu provided when configuring the integration and set the 'Storage Folder' to the desired folder for the generated document to be stored in. Then, click 'Save.'