Nintex Workflow For O365 Notification update

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On this new October release, the "send notification" action have brought two new features that will bring some new capabilites to your Office 365 scenario.

  • Mails can now be sent to external emails
  • Mails can now contain multiple attachements

From the release date of this new version, when you will upgrade your app on your tenant, you have this frame that will open

Lets make a deep dive in it. Everything we are going to talk about today is the "send an email" Action!


So let's take a look at the difference between the previous and the new version. basically graphically, you  will see a new parameter below the "Subject"  line. This will allow you to add Email Attachmnents in your email.

In a list Workflow that is launched on an item, you can send attached to your email the listitem attachments by simply checking the "Include Current List Item Attachment" Checkbox.

In another hand you can also select a document which is not atached to the item by specifying the direct relative site URL of the document. It will be automatically attached as well.Note that there is a 20MB limit for the attachments!

Let's test it but I'm gonna put my personnal adress (which is not a O365 adress) in the test so that I will be sure that both features work!

Here I'm actually attaching both, the list item attachments (there are two) AND a document that is in the docLib of the site. I should then receive 3 attachments! on ********** .

After one minute or two, I have received my email with 3 documents attached!

This "external email" could seem basic, but technically it is a great achievement, O365 natively limitating this capability! Good job (again) dev team!

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Automation Master

Perfect, a much needed capability. 

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Great !

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I'm not that enthusiastic. We've got a spam-engine which filters our mails. Unfortunately Nintex changed the Senders adress to I think this adress causes a high risk when we open our spam-engine for this adress in global. So now I have to inform all SharePoint-Users to check their spamboxes all the time.

It would be better if there is an Option where I can choose either the normal Mail or the external Mail.

Thanks Nintex

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Great work, well done team

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I'm not sure if anyone else has observed the following regressions (i.e. in the previous version these scenarios worked) to the Nintex Update:

1. It seems that groups cannot be emailed any longer - the Email Action will terminate


2. It seems that emails to SharePoint users/people who do not have associated mailbox will terminate


3. All emails are sent individually. i.e. if there are three people in the TO: field of the email. Each person/user will get a mail, but will not be able to see who else the email was sent to. This is normal email functionality that has disappeared.

4. As mentioned by Mats Eckert​ I agree with his comment. I think that the option should exist to use the old functionality or make the new functionality behave as closely to the previous version.

If anyone can verify the 3. point above or at least some of them that will help. Furthermore if anyone is aware that the above mentioned regressions will be fixed, I would be interested to know when. The above regressions are affecting WF's in our business that are executing business critical functionality!

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Hi Duane,

The issues has been resolved. Could you try to run your workflow again to see it resolves for your side. Kindly feedback to us if you're still running any issues. For the issue where user does not have email, the workflow will terminate as it is not valid email address.

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Hi Adrian Choo​,

Thanks for the update. Is there a way to find out for any given release what the regressions are? This would help us to decide whether or not to publish when a new Nintex release is made.

I did a unit test. i.e. I created a test WF and filled the TO field of the notification/email action with a SharePoint Group.

I observed the following:

1. The workflow successfully sent the Notification (the Workflow did not terminate with the error listed in my original post as point 1.

2. Point 3. of the original post was no longer an issue, all recipients are in the TO field and the emails were not split out to each individual.

Are you aware of any other regressions to the Nintex WF Engine? Are there any other issues that are being fixed? If so what are the remaining issues and when will they be released?

Kind Regards,


Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Hi Duane,

Great I'm glad it works for you now . At this point, we've fixed the issues for resolving SP Group and multiple recipients email. We have some couple of issue with Sharepoint Workflow calling Sharepoint API but there is no release date yet. However, we can roll out the changes pretty quickly as hotfix.

You've bring up a good point where we need to have a release note regression like we do for the Nintex On-Prem products.

Thanks for the great suggestion Duane. If you face any issues do not hesitate to talk to our customer support .



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I need to send item attachment with email in Nintex workflow "send email" activity. But when i use "External email and attachment" option, my workflow terminates. Even if i don't select "Include current list item attachments" the error still occurs. Workflow terminates and following error message is displayed :

Workflow terminates when send email with attachment

It works fine when "Internal Email" option is selected.

Please help.

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Can you please show how to get the direct relative site URL? I have been unsuccessful in getting Nintex to grab the file.