Nintex Workflow 2013/2016 Addin: Last Task Actual Respondent Token

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This is a port to Nintex Workflow 2013 and 2016 from this project: Nintex Workflow 2010: Last Task Respondent Actual Token addin


This addin for Nintex Workflow 2013 and 2016 adds a new insertable common data token to find the login name or display name of the user who last responded to a workflow task.

How is this different to the out of the box “Last Task Respondent” token?

If a task is assigned to a group, the out of the box “Last Task Respondent” token will resolve to the name of the group. This new token “Last Task Respondent Actual” will resolve the to the login name of the user who respondent to the task on behalf of the group.


Usage note

This token can only be used before the next workflow commit checkpoint after a task. If the token is used, for example, after a delay or after a commit pending changes action, then it will resolve to ‘SHAREPOINT\system’ and not the user who responded to the task.


The following steps install the application:

  1. Add the solution to SharePoint with the following PowerShell command: Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "PathToFileHere"
  2. Open SharePoint Central Administration
  3. Choose the System Settings screen
  4. Choose Manage Farm Solutions
  5. There will be an entry for lasttaskrespondentactual.wsp listed as Not Deployed
  6. Click the solution name and choose the Deploy Solution button
  7. Press OK
  8. The solution should now be listed as Deployed in the solution list. A page refresh may be required.
  9. Perform an iisreset on each front end server.


Solution Package "LastTaskRespondentActual.wsp"

The application is deployed as a solution package in SharePoint Central Administration

Farm Feature "Nintex Workflow - Last Task Respondent Actual"

Registers the insertable data items with Nintex Workflow.

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This is a very interessting activity. Thanks.

Are you planning to integrate it directly into a future release of Nintex Workflow?

And would you say that this option should be preferred to just using the regular expression to extract the approver from the approval comments (How to know who approved or rejected a request approval task)?

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Hi Marco,

I am not sure what the product team has planned for this functionality. If this is something you would like to see integrated into the main product I would suggest going over to and requesting it there as this is what the product team uses to build the roadmap internally.

I would say this way would be a bit more fool proof than using a regular expression as there is always the possibility that the regex pattern will not match for some strange reason (illegal character, etc).


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Is the 2013 version backwards compatible to support 2010 Mode?

If not, does anyone know if this 2013 solution can co-exist with the 2010 version on the same farm? In other words, can both the 2010 and 2013 versions be deployed simultaneously.


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I answered my second question.  The two WSPs share the same Feature GUID so they cannot co-exist.

Does anyone know the answer to the first question on backwards compatibility with 2013 package to support 2010 Mode?


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Dear Sir,

I used all of the four "Last Task Respondent" options but all of then are coming empty.

Kindly reply.

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Last Task Respondent Actual Seems to work for Nintex Workflow 2016 as well!  I deployed the 2013 labeled solution (WSP) and ran a test workflow with a group assigned task and recorded the respondant and was ble to get Actual name and Actual Display Name....good news

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Thanks for the info Blaine! I am sure other users will find this helpful.