Nintex Mobile: Showing off it's Assets

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With the multitude of updates that have come out of product teams this month, I thought it prudent that Nintex Mobile have a say in there as well.. Now there are a few updates for the Mobile clients this month, but the one I'm going to focus on, is one that I have been a big supporter of for some time, and I'm super excited about it..

For a long time, I've been saying, wouldn't it be great if you could track your assets with Nintex Mobile.. You go to all the trouble of putting barcode's on everything, but then you either have to buy a fit for purpose device to read those barcode but then what ?? so lets put this in the picture.. Your the IT goto person on the floor. You have been called out to a customers / users PC.. Firstly you want to get the info of this PC.. How much RAM, processor, owner, software installed etc.. Each asset has a barcode, which has been registered with the companies Service Catalog (One would hope ).. Using Nintex Mobile, scan the barcode and submit through to Sharepoint the workflow can then get the information based on the barcode value and email you back.. OR scan the barcode, and fill in any other data and submit through to the helpdesk system via workflow with the relevant PC barcode value.

Anyhoo I digress..

So looking at my little form. What I have built out is this.. Lets think retail, and the dreaded stock take.. Normally you see a heap of high school / college students running around with clip boards and the occasion FTE with a cool nifty device that can read barcodes and send them back to a system. Now what is the one thing older teenagers have ?? an iPhone, Android whatever.. SO get them to download the nintex app form the relevant store and give them a login..  In the below screen I have the "Assets" form on my Android..


Opening the form I can enter the item I'm looking at on the shelf, scan the barcode and then enter in the count, date was an extra field that you wouldn't probably use..


Next to the barcode text field, select the button.. Automagiclly the camera appears to scan that barcode in..


Now that I have scanned that, I now have my value.. To round it out nicely, I've taken a photo of the item for the records.


Hitting submit, this info will now shoot off to my O365 SharePoint list. Ok so but how did I get the barcode in the form ??

Open up your form and open the setting on the Single Line Text Field. In the advanced section enable barcode scanning.


That's it..

Some caveats.. The barcode scanner only works in Nintex Mobile, and it will not render a barcode in the web form (However you could probably do that with jQuery)

The barcode scanner can also be used to scan QR codes..




There are a lot of potential uses for this feature.. It would be great if you use it to let us know below what and how you have used it