Nintex Learning Central FAQ

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The Nintex Learning Central is one of our key resources that provides 24/7 access to training courses for all levels and skill-sets. As a core resource to all Nintex users, we wanted to provide key information about Learning Central.

If you’re a Partner, please visit Partner Learning Central. If you’re a Customer, please visit Customer Learning Central. This FAQ covers everything you need to know about these training portals. Check it out! 

What is Learning Central and who is it for? 

  • Learning Central is a training portal that's created for our Partners, Customers, and even our own employees. So by going to Learning Central, you are accessing the same resources that we are using ourselves. This training content is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Nintex Workflow Platform, and become proficient using it.

What is the difference between Learning Central and other Nintex resources? 

  • Many Nintex resources available today such as support articles, knowledge base, or blog posts can help you address specific feature issues or tackle blockers in your solution. The module-based courses on Learning Central are designed to train you in using Nintex from the ground up. Its contents are packaged in a more holistic experience to cover each product feature as it relates to a business scenario and to other systems.

I've never used Nintex products before, where should I start? 

  • Learning Central is an excellent place to start if you've never used Nintex before. Simply enroll in WP01: Intro to Nintex to learn the fundamentals of workflow, which will prepare you for learning more advanced features in the future. Alternatively, you can also start in one of the Workflow Professional course series, which provides you with a certification path at the beginner level.

What kind of training courses will you be offering?

  • Topics may include all capabilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform such as workflow, forms, mobile, analytics, and DocGen. We also offer different versions of these capabilities depending on the underlying platform: Nintex for SharePoint, Nintex for Office 365, and Nintex for Salesforce. Courses address different skill levels as well, from absolute beginner to more advanced users.

How do I pass a course and can I retake it if I don't? 

  • After you've enrolled in a course, you can take your time completing it. Once you pass the test scoring at or above the stated minimum passing score, the course will be marked as "completed". If you do not pass the test, you may retake it as often as you'd like.

What type of content should I expect within courses? 

  • Learning materials cater to all types of learners. We've included text-based walk-throughs, video demos, interactive tests and projects and voice-over narration where appropriate. We've also begun including assignment-based projects, because we find that the best way to learn Nintex is to use it a lot!

What are the perks for completing a course? 

  • You can show off your course completions and certificates to your peers and employers, and prove to the community that you're able to build solutions with Nintex. Our certification engine allows you to link any obtained certificates to your LinkedIn account. In the end, it's all about helping you make the most of your Nintex subscription.

Who should I reach out to if I encounter issues on Learning Central? 

  • Please forward all feedback, issues, and glitches to We welcome all comments, and would like to continuously improve the learning experience based on your needs.

Be sure to check Community News over the next few weeks to learn more about our course updatesDon’t see your question here? Let us know by commenting below or emailing the Learning Central team directly!